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December 8, 2017

Ongoing Event



This Project is the cornerstone of our Community Outreach. Dr. Victor Weidensee chaired this project from 1992 until he turned it over to Tiffany Brett in 2014.


Dr. Victor Weidensee, Dr. Reuben Baries and Dr. Nathanial Whitney held a meeting in 1992 to determine what was needed to improve the lives of elderly residents in our local care centers. The answer was no surprise. Music! These three innovative and generous men established the ELDER MUSIK PROJECT, with the Black Hills Chamber Music Society as the primary group to organize and manage it.

The Elder Musik project is designed to bring quality music events, performed by local musicians to Care Center residents. In order to fund the Project, the Society established a group of individuals who, being committed to its vision, each agreed to donate $250.00. The participating care centers also agreed to a $250.00 fee. This funding was used to pay the musicians who provided the musical entertainment.

The Project then began its work. Different kinds of music were played by a variety of groups, ranging from piano soloists to small ensembles who played the old tunes beloved by the residents. Hands clapped in rhythm and pale voices gained strength as the players moved from song to song. These musical offerings brought joy not only to the residents, but to the musicians themselves.

For 25 years, the ELDER MUSIK PROJECT has continued its mission to improve the lives of the Care Center residents by bringing them the Joy of Music! During the year, each care center receives four different music programs performed by four different local ensembles. Imagine the happiness brought to the residents by our local musicians.